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Ancona Disain



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Mini kitchen with rolling shutter

Dimensions: cm. 127,6 x 61 x 211H
Cubic meters: 0,92
Weight: 210 Kg

  • Compartment with extraction hood cm 60;
  • Compartment with plate rack cm 60;
  • Finishing backrest thickness 18mm;
  • Steel protection around the working top;
  • Water-repellent laminate working top;
  • Stainless steel sink with drainer + mixing tape;
  • under sink with door and PVC protection cm 60;
  • Compartment with door and fridge (120 lt) cm 60;
  • Adjustable feet and PVC plinth in aluminium color;
  • Disassembled delivery
  • Premium quality
  • Free shipping
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